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Noosa's favourite Riverfront Boat, Jet Ski, SUP and Kayak Hire
Terrace Marina is the destination for a perfect Boat Hire on Noosa River
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Our Marina

Terrace Marina is the destination for a perfect day on Noosa River.

Offering the largest range of boats for hire, as well as Noosa River Jet Ski Tours, water sports equipment and the best coffee on Noosa River, Terrace Marina is the first choice for Noosa locals and those who are locals at heart.

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Our Story

Previously known as T Boat Hire, Terrace Marina welcomed new owners in 2022.

John and Victoria Manning were inspired by the original name given to the business when it opened more than 80 years ago: Terrace Boat Hire.

Specialising in timber sailing boats, the owner at the time couldn’t fit ‘Terrace’ on the sails so he shortened it to T… and the rest is history.

Terrace Marina’s new name is a nod to the jetty’s history on the river as a favourite for regular visitors to Noosa’s Gympie Terrace.

Women enjoing a glass of champagne on a Noosa River BBQ Pontoon Boat hired from Terrace Marina
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Our Background

With an extensive background working on the water in boat maintenance and managing luxury vessels, John and Victoria are excited to take Terrace Marina into a new phase and continue to help locals and visitors to enjoy all the Noosa River has to offer.

Book your Boat or BBQ Pontoon Hire, SUP Hire, Kayak Hire, Noosa River Jet Ski Tour or Noosa Heads Ocean Jet Ski Tour online today!

T Boats Noosa - The Terrace Marina Heritage

Tom and Audrey Salta founded Terrace Boat Hire in 1938, one of the earliest boat rental businesses on the river. The shop was located opposite their grocery store, Terrace Stores, at the intersection of Gympie Terrace and Weyba Road. The business flourished under their son, George, and his wife, Jean, who renamed it T Boat Hire.

The original wooden boats, which were rented on a weekly basis, were built by the Parkyn family and outfitted with Olds putt-putt motors, manufactured in Maryborough. Afternoon T, constructed in 1960, still operates as a private runabout on the river today, emitting its characteristic putt-putt sound.

Over the years, Terrace Boat Hire changed hands several times. Reg Gilbert, Ginger and Rob Black, and Paul Milnes, who renamed the business T Boats so it would fit on the sails, all owned it before Greg Patrick and Brian Hearn purchased it in 1995.

John and Victoria Manning took over in 2022 and renamed it Terrace Marina, drawing inspiration from the original name given to the business over 80 years ago.

Terrace Marina - Noosa River Boat, Jet Ski and SUP Hire