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Noosa River Boat Hire

Hire a boat on Noosa River and make it a day for the family to remember!
For all ages • No Boat Licence Required • Full Day Hire Available

The Noosa River is a beautiful and serene waterway located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike who enjoy fishing, swimming and water sports.

One of the best ways to experience the Noosa River is by hiring a boat… and Terrace Marina is the most reputable and reliable provider of Noosa River Boat Hire services.

Terrace Marina has been operating in Noosaville for more than 80 years (formerly Terrace Boat Hire and T-Boat Hire Noosa) and has established a solid reputation as a top provider of boat hire services in Noosaville.

We offer a wide range of boats, from small 6 Person Bowrider to Luxury Noosa River Cruisers that are fully equipped with BBQ facilities.

Our premier fleet of pontoon and bowrider boats offer the perfect choice for cruising along Noosa River for a day of fishing or exploring. Our bowrider boats seat up to 10 people and are the ideal vessel for fishing or searching for a secluded spot to swim, soak in the sun and picnic with friends or family.

Our luxury pontoon boats are the most spacious boats on the river and can seat from 8 people to 16 people with plush seating and BBQ facilities. There is no better boat for spending a day on the water or pulled up on a sandbank while you picnic.

Each boat is well-maintained and equipped with all the necessary safety equipment, ensuring that customers can enjoy a worry-free experience on the waterways of Noosa.

The Noosa River is a diverse waterway that offers a range of different experiences for boaters. You and your family can explore the calm, sheltered waters of the Noosa River where you can fish for bream, whiting and flathead or simply relax and enjoy the stunning scenery that surrounds you.

For customers who are new to boating, Terrace Marina offers a range of additional services to help them get the most out of their experience. These include boat handling and safety briefings, as well as advice on the best places to visit and most exciting activities on the river. The company’s friendly experienced and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide assistance and answer any questions that customers may have.

One of the great things about the Noosa River is the range of different experiences it offers. You can choose to explore the river and its tributaries, taking in the stunning natural beauty of the area, or you can pull up at a secluded beach somewhere to enjoy an amazing family picnic on the water. Whatever your preference, Terrace Marina can help plan the perfect day on the water.

In addition to boat hire, Terrace Marina offers a range of other services to enhance the boating experience. These include Kayak Hire, SUP Hire, Jet Ski Hire , Noosa River Jet Ski Tour and Jet Ski Ocean Tours.

We also have a wide variety of food and drinks, hot and cold, to keep our customers powering through the day.

Overall, hiring a boat to explore Noosa is an excellent way to experience the natural beauty and tranquility of this stunning area.

With our wide range of boats, Terrace Marina is the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore Noosa.

Whether you are an experienced boater or first-time floater, you can rely on Terrace Marina to provide everything needed for a safe, enjoyable and unforgettable day on the water in gorgeous Noosa Heads.

FAQ: Related Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a boat license to hire a boat on the Noosa River?

    No, a boat license is not required to hire a boat on the Noosa River. However, a boat license is required to drive a vessel carrying more than 12 people.

  • Are there any restrictions on where I can take my boat on Noosa River?

    Yes, there are some areas on Noosa River where boating is prohibited, such as designated swimming areas and conservation zones. It's important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations before heading out on the water.

  • Are there any speed limits on Noosa River?

    Yes, there are speed limits in place on Noosa River. The speed limit varies depending on the location and type of vessel you are operating.

  • How many people can fit on the pontoon boat?

    Our Hire Boats cater to different group sizes.

    All of our Boat Hire Options have the maximum capacity listed in the title.

  • Can we bring our own food and drinks onboard?

    Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

    We also offer a great selection of goodies in our Cafe.

Your Best Noosa River Boat Hire Options

8 Person Noosa River BBQ Pontoon Hire


Half Day


Full day


12 Person Noosa River BBQ Pontoon Hire


Half Day


Full Day


16 Person Noosa River BBQ Pontoon Hire


Half Day


Full Day


6 Person Bowrider Boat Hire


Half Day


Full Day


10 Person Bowrider Boat Hire


Half Day


Full Day


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